Hookah or Sheesha is very trending nowadays, maybe we can also term it as teen trend. Especially because teenagers think hookah is a safe alternative as compared to cigarettes.

Statistics have indicated that every year, the number of people who are dying due to tobacco consumption is higher than that due to tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS, and malaria put together. There are about 163.7 million users in India who consume only the smokeless variants.

India is approximate to be the second largest consumer of tobacco and tobacco products internationally. Be it tobacco or any of its form, tobacco contains more than 30 cancer-causing substances along with nicotine which can cause irreparable damage to the body.It increases the risk of various forms of cancer.

A research shows that lots of young people don’t know that 100 cigarettes and an hour of hookah carry about an equal  amount of smoke and therefore are injurious and can cause in  damage to a person’s health, including increased risk for heart disease, cancers, stroke, blood clots and even death as well.

World Health Organization’s reports in 2005 have claimed that hookah smokers typically take around 50-200 puffs during an hour-long smoking session, whereas average people take 8-12 puffs per cigarette. Considering the fact of different amounts of smoke inhaled per method, the organization wrote that a 60-minute water pipe session may be the same as smoking 100 cigarettes or more Yikes.

A study that was published in the journal Health Education & Behavior establish the fact that many young adults consider smoking hookah and cigarette alternatives is a less risky behavior than smoking cigarettes.

Dr. Santosh Kumar Agarwal, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Kailash Hospital and Heart Institute, Noida, said that all forms of tobacco are dangerous. There is no form of tobacco that can be considered safe. The presence of nicotine in tobacco is what makes people get addicted to it. Tobacco damages blood vessels, temporarily raises blood pressure, and lowers exercise tolerance be it smoking or chewing.  Adding to it, he said that tobacco also reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and increases the tendency for blood to clot which can further cause a range of heart problems. Ultimately this can also result in a stroke or sudden death.

Smoking hookah can no doubt be addictive and can also transfer cancer-causing chemicals into the mouth and lungs of a smoker.

Thus, you must think about this habit of yours and try to get rid of this deadly habit. You must try short-acting nicotine replacements and chew sugarless gum or hard candy instead of chewing tobacco in order to avoid tobacco cravings.