10 Things to ask yourself before 2017 ends!

Colorful 2017 New Year date in fiery sparklers over a black background with copy space for your greeting or invitation

A new year is approaching and the time has come to contemplate the year that was, right? Well, before start listing new resolutions for 2018, perhaps we can help you get an accurate picture of what your life looks like right now. If you have or had career plans or wedding plans or family plans, it is a wise thing to take some time in advance to reflect leads to knowing you better.

 Here are 10 Questions you must interrogate yourself with before heading towards next year. Someone has rightly said, “The best way to set goals is to introspect yourself first”

  1. What is the first thought that comes to your mind once you have a look back on your past year, whether it is positive or negative?

If it is positive than encourage the same kind of positivity in your next year, else remove all the negative elements that inhibit your progress. 

  1. Is there any person in your life whether a family member or a close friend whom you are thankful for without any second thought?
  2. What is the most interesting thing that I learned this year?

Remember, ‘Learning is Living’, it is very essential to keep learning in order to move forward in your life.

  1. Do I love my job?

Well, if you don’t love it, find an interesting one.

  1. When was the last time in the past year, I helped someone in need or the time I really made a person smile?
  2. What career goals did I accomplish? Have I sharpened my skills?

Each year try to achieve milestones in your career.

  1. What are the problems that I faced this year? What was my approach to problem-solving?
  2. Do I still worry about what other people think about me?

Well, if you really do, make a resolution to stop worrying about that in next year.

  1. What was the last time I laughed without inhibitions?
  2. What was that thing that felt difficult one year ago that now feels easy (or easier)?