Christmas is one of the biggest festivals that involve great celebrations worldwide. The foods that we eat on the Christmas Eve are not just the ones that we enjoy, instead, they are steeped in history and have cultural significance. Christmas is just one month ahead and most of us would go to our grandparent’s home for celebrating Christmas Eve which would include most of the expected dishes: ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gingerbread cookies, and the usual cast of characters.

Have you ever wondered that not all the countries have the same traditional Christmas food as in USA, United Kingdom or Canada?  From Iceland to India, the list of Christmas Food around the world is myriad and assorted.

Have a look on 10 Christmas Food Celebrations from various parts of the world:

1. Iceland

Well, Icelanders are quite traditional when it comes to Christmas feast. Fortunately, there are varieties of options for the buffet to make sure everyone gets a taste of their favorite food. Hangikjot is the local delicacy served on Christmas eve which is in actual a smoked lamb served with potatoes in Béchamel sauce and green peas.

2. Ireland

Christmas in Ireland is served with special foods that even people can notice the scent of Bailey’s coffees, unctuous plum puddings, whiskey sauces and spiced beef in the air. The meal begins basically with a starter that includes smoked salmon of prawns or soup. The main course includes roasted turkey and ham along with cranberry or bread sauce.

3. Finland

Well, Fins cannot imagine their Christmas dinner without a ham. But on the cuisine side, Fins prepare their dessert a few days back which is rutabaga casserole. The other amazingly special and popular dessert is pastries filled with plum jam. Lastly, people in Finland also enjoy a bowl of steaming rice porridge served with fruit broth known as “fruit soup.”

4. Denmark

The traditional Danish Christmas feast includes Krystkål which is made up of finely chopped cabbage, whipping cream and is served with sugar and cinnamon. This dish is named as “Christmas Cabbage” in Denmark because it is specially served on Christmas Eve.

5. The Philippines

The most delicious traditional Philippines Christmas food is ‘Lechon’ which is recognized as the “best pork ever” by a renowned TV star. Puto Bumbong, purple colored rice cooked in upright bamboo sticks is the other typical food enjoyed by the natives during Christmas festive season.

6. China

Chinese people enjoy Christmas by having shaobing which are dough rolls baked in an oven with cooked pork stuffed inside. In China, people don’t enjoy having turkey; instead, they use pork or chicken. Moreover, unlike Americans, they enjoy cakes on special occasions instead of pudding.

7. Portugal

Catholic Portuguese people start preparing for their Christmas feast on fourth Sunday before Christmas. They abide with the Catholic tradition of not using the meat for their meals instead they make fiel amigo bacalhau which is simply a fish boiled with vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, carrot in the olive oil.

8. Germany

A typical German Christmas involves traditionally baked Cookies, especially for this festive season. Native people also make German Gingerbread houses which are baked like a cake. The traditional evening meal comprises of light, meatless dinner with thoroughly baked fish at center.

9. India

In India, people serve special delicacies kajji kayalu, rose cookies, boondi laddu, ariselu and makkai chudwa for sweetening the joy of Christmas celebrations. In dinner, people enjoy eating roasted chicken, biryani and Vindaloo( Goan curry pork).

10. Spain

Spanish people celebrate Christmas Eve by making a variety of seafood such as Shrimp, Lobster, Langostinos, etc. In some parts, roasted turkey and lamb is also served. Egg-based dessert- Yuma, Turron etc are served at the end as sweets.