Every terrorist attack is a pain when innocents get killed. Due to world political scenario terrorism is growing day by day at global level. Earlier it was India who is facing terrorist attacks but not America and European countries all passed through such situations. Recently again a sad terrorist attack took place during Amranath Yatra in which 7 innocents were killed and and 19 got injured. Amranath yatra is one of the most holy yatra in Hinduism.

Security agencies are trying to find Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist Mohammed Ismail alias Abu Ismail, is the mastermind of Amarnath terrorist attack. There are different stories coming out like we believe in saying, that it is revenge taken by the terrorist group after the arrest of operative Sandeep Kumar Sharma last week or it was the revenge of Burhan’s encounter. Because on 8 July 2016 is the death date of Burhan’s encounter and Amaranthattack was on 10 July 2017.

But there are few question which are still unanswered behind the this painful act in Amranath. Lets have a view on it:

Why Amaranth shrine board allowing that bus, without Registration?

Actually there is a pilgrim registration under Amarnath Shrine board is need, but this bus which is carrying pilgrims was not registered, so how it was allowed to go there. It only has Gujrat registration number.

How security checkpoint allow to the bus?

Without registration the bus crossed various check posts, and it was carrying 60 pilgrims. Neither of the check post objected on the entry.

After sunset why allow to bus to travel?

After 5 PM no civilian vehicle is allowed in this area, but how this bus was allowed to enter in restricted area in late evening.

Why was a police patrol vehicle ahead of the bus?

If police patrol vehicle is allotted to this bus for security reasons, so why this unregistered bus is given extra. Again the same question no one objected for unregistered vehicle to enter the sensitive region.

Why avoid to intelligence warnings?

Already there there warning from intelligence agencies that terrorist are planning to attack on Amarnath pilgrims, so why government has not taken any extra precautions to avoid such attack.

So we can say the reason behind such painful act is still undisclosed and government is doing same “giving commitments” which always happen after every such incident.