Going off the deep end and vouching completely to fulfill the dreams and quitting one of the most lucrative job that graduating from IITs or IIMs gives us is something very rare. Working for tech firms and having a handsome salary is the dream of many people but there are others who go off track and opt for careers that are unconventional. The fit and a fat salary, security, and social pressure prevent us from treading a path less traveled by.

Here is a list of 7 Graduates who took courage to quit their well-paid jobs to truly follow their hearts:

  1. Surabhi Jain

Surabhi Jain, IIT graduate lived a charming life working at Google(one of the dream company of many people) and living in London. But her pangs of dissatisfaction urged her to quit the job and instead became a freelance choreographer in India.

  1. Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra pursued his MBA in Marketing & International Business from IIM and worked in the corporate world. Haunted by the dissatisfaction, he left the job and decided to enter fitness and sports world.

  1. Swati Kaushal

This IIM graduate from Kolkata left her corporate job to follow her passion for writing books and became a novelist. She is the author of three well-selling books namely, A Piece of Cake, A Girl Like Me, and Drop Dead.

  1. Karuna Devraj

Karuna Devraj worked as a Sales Manager in London. She quit her job after her father’s demise and came back to India to start a resort.

  1. Shuvajit Payne

After graduating from IIM Lucknow, he gave 4 years of his life working at IBM. He was not satisfied with his work as his heart wanted to help people living in remote areas. He quit his job, got training and then worked wholeheartedly with NGOs to upgrade living and work culture of farmers.

  1. Adarsh Munjal

Adarsh Munjal worked as creative director at The Glitch but left his job to follow his passion for food and became a food writer and an entrepreneur. He is known for his culinary skills posted on his website

  1. Ankita Kumawat

Ankita Kumawat, again, an IIM graduate left the corporate world and became a dairy farmer in Ajmer. She is the owner of Maatratav Dairy and Organic Food Company and supplies unadulterated food items.