A 28-year old man working with the IT firm Accenture was stabbed to death on his way to meet his girlfriend. Reports suggest that two bike-borne men were behind the incident which took place near a Chocolate Factory in South Bengaluru. Deputy Commissioner of Police,  M.B. Borolingaiah gave a statement,” The victim was found stabbed on a Monday Morning. The body is identified to be of Pranoy Mishra, from Odisha, who presently was presently working for Accenture IT Company.” He has ruled out robbery as the major cause behind this incident.

“He was stabbed more than four times by unknown assailants while he was going to meet his girlfriend in the wee hours of Monday, “police said. Reports suggest that Pranoy had moved into Bengaluru in 2014 and was living in a rented flat in Suddaguntepalya which is a few kilometers from the place where he was killed. He attended a party of his friend at Balbir’s residence in Begur which ended around 2 A.M. A friend of him dropped Mishra to his home in the late night around 2:30 A.M. After reaching home, he placed a call to his girlfriend and told her that he was coming to meet her.

Around 4:00 AM a passerby found his body covered in a pool blood and then immediately informed the police. The probe team visited his office for more information on him from its management and his colleagues but the company staff didn’t give any statement on the loss of their employee. Now they are investigating through his call records to find out the motive behind the attack. DCP said, “We found Mishra’s wallet and other belongings intact thus ruling out the motive of robbery. We uncovered only one CCTV camera on the incident’s location but it was not working. Maybe the spot has been chosen wisely by the assailants as it was a remote place and they might be following him throughout to the spot.”

Police team is now questioning his girlfriend, who also hails from Bhubhneshwar to uncover the mysterious fact regarding this attack.