The most usual form of Cancer is Skin Cancer. It is caused because of the development of abnormal cells from that possess the ability to spread to other divisions of the human body. It is mainly of 3 types, Melanoma Skin Cancer, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Skin Cancer. Its symptom are presence of ulcers on the skin, changes in Moles, discolor.

Now, I am proceeding to tell you some amazing foods that helps fighting the disease, they are as follows :

1.Green Tea

Green Tea is not only helpful in reducing weight, but it owns several health benefits as well. Green Tea prevents different types of Cancer. Green Tea has  Polyphenols, a compound that prevents cancer by limiting the flow of blood to cancer cells. Plus Green Tea also contains Catechin in high amount which protects human body cells from free radicals from the Sun’s exposure.

  1. Carrot

Carrot is a very essential vegetable for skin which posses high amount of Beta Carotene, which protects your skin by sun’s dangerous ultra violet radiations. Keep in mind that carrots with deepest color have high content of Beta-Carotene.

  1. Tomato

Tomato contains Lycopene. A Red pigment present in it protects the skin from Sun damage. Beside SkinCancer Lycopene eaters also lowers the danger of various other cancer as well.


Coffee has a number of Anti-Oxidants present in it which prevents Cancer. Several Researches shows that having consumption of 3 cups of Coffee in a day lowers the danger of developing Basal Cell Carcinoma, which is type of SkinCancer.


Raspberries are not only rich in flavor but also contain essential compounds that fights with skincancer. One of the compound is Ellagic Acid, which is a Anti-Mutagen, a natural Carcinogen and an inhibitor Of Cancer.

Walnuts contain Omega -3 Fatty Acids, which inhibit COX-2, a chemical that promotes progression of cancer.