LAJA – The Multifaceted Woman

LAJA is an initiative by Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd.  It is a forum introduced by a woman, for women and aims at empowering women externally and internally, much more so. The Founder Riddhi Doshi Patel formed LAJA was formed with the sole purpose of helping women overcome inhibitions and talk about issues and matters that are close to their hearts. LAJA works with the motto of; “Be the light unto yourself and in your original way, manifest the magnificence and power of your enlightened life. Be highly creative and set free the infinite power that is hidden within you.”


Riddhi Doshi Patel – The founder of LAJA is an Entrepreneur, Child Psychologist, Counsellor and Soft Skills trainer.  She has more than 13 years of experience in the field and has specializations in soft skills training for Personal and Self Development.

LAJA is all about helping women overcome their inhibitions or shame and talk about issues that they are uncomfortable talking about. It is a platform where women are brought together to open up and discuss financial independence, self-development, relationships, personal image (including but not restricted to body image, mental image, and personality), personal rights, children, sexual relations and more.


In the fast-paced multi-tasking life that we women live, they forget to take out time for themselves. Keeping this in mind, LAJA implemented the idea of organizing a gathering for empowering women from within, in the form of a coffee meet. Every LAJA meet allows women to relax and learn something new every time.

The meets are held once a month at a pre-decided venue (coffee shop or corporate office). Two or three expert speakers are invited as the guest to talk about their work and help the women understand that aspect of their lives. LAJA has had the honor of having guest speakers like Anjali Gulati, Founder & Director, People Konnect and Back to the Front; Niyatii N Shah, Founder, Averti and Sexuality Educator & Relationship Counsellor; Aparna Sharma, Independent Director, T.S.Alloys Ltd., and Jane Shah, Founder, Love Your Life among others. The meets are always initiated by Riddhi Doshi who picks important topics for discussion and gets the women comfortable and talking.


LAJA events are not restricted to Mumbai alone. Riddhi has taken LAJA to Navsari and Bardoli in Surat, Gujarat.  Each of the meets has attendees charged with enthusiasm and loaded with questions and eager to learn and understand.

LAJA meets are held every month in different parts of the city. Aimed at enriching the lives of women with information, the meets always have a responsible and respected woman achiever talk to the attendees about a specific aspect of a woman’s life.

About the Founder

Riddhi Doshi Patel, The founder of LAJA has more than 13 years of experience in the field and is a trained and experienced Child Psychologist. Children are very comfortable with her and she interacts with them at their level of understanding.  Passionate about empowering women and helping them take charge of their lives, she runs various women empowerment, skill based training and programs for women across the country. Riddhi believes in inculcating good values in our teens, thus ensuring a nation of responsible and mature adults. Towards this end, she also runs fun and educative training, programs and workshops for teens alone.

A self-driven entrepreneur, Riddhi has won many accolades and gained recognition; all of which have only driven her ambition to work harder and reach further.


Like Riddhi, Niyatii N Shah is also an integral part of LAJA. A Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Niuatii is a Sexuality Educator who helps women talk about sex and sexuality and find solutions to problems that they are unable to discuss with anyone (including their partners). Together Riddhi and Niyatii form a formidable force empowering and education women at every meet and workshop conducted under the Rhyns Academy Pvt. Ltd. programs.

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LAJA is an effective medium to educate and empower women to understand and build their confidence and comfort levels in their relationship with communication skills. It is a program that will help women to live a life that they WANT to, instead of a life they are supposed to.

Riddhi Doshi Patel started this program in June 2015 with the aim and the realization of her duty to help women to speak for their needs and their feelings without any hesitations. Riddhi believes that ‘Irrespective of a woman’s profession or religion, she is an individual who has sacrificed her life to constantly strive to please others ignoring her inner self.” Riddhi aims to empower such women to be able to recognize, accept and CELEBRATE their self.

About Rhyns Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Rhyns Academy Pvt. Ltd. was launched with the idea of teaching children good values through the medium of art and dance. Besides coaching the children, we also conduct shows with dance, stories, puppetry sessions on etiquette and communication. From there we evolved towards making women empowered and comfortable in their own space.


Besides LAJA, Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd also runs programs for children under the banner Art Ally and Young Adults. These are designed especially for toddlers, pre-teens, and teenagers. They are aimed at strengthening the mother-child bond, teaching etiquette, developing and enhancing personality and working on the overall development of the youth – the future citizens of the world. Sessions include nutrition, health, body image, innovative thinking etc.

Rhyns Academy has also designed and executed special workshops for specially abled and mentally challenged children. The workshops helped the parents understand their children better and have proved to be an ice breaker in their relationships.

Overall Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd is a huge umbrella under which Riddhi Doshi and her team of skilled and experienced individuals run various uplifting programs all through the year.