Recently two cases of woman stalking came into light, one in Chandigarh in which son of BJP Haryana chief is involved and other in Mumbai in which an IT professional chased a fashion designer and rang her bell at 2 am in the night. But things don’t get stopped now another case of woman stalking from Gurgaon came into the picture, where a 25 years old executive was chased by two men in their car while she was returning on scooter to her home from her work.

When the woman observed that a car is chasing her, she speed up her scooter but these perverts didn’t stop and chased her for more than 3 kms, even they shouted on her to stop. She reached the police station and get registered her complaint. She don’t remember the complete registration number of the vehicle, but she mentioned the initials like HR 57.

According to police they can’t do much until they recover the cctv footage. May be police has already kept a soft corner for the accused men if they belong to some powerful background. In that case police has to make the case weak so that accused can be freed easily.

Its disgusting to see the condition of security in our country, and government is still sleeping or trying to ignore the issues and just keep security as their election promise.