Romance has always been a part for strong bonding between the soul mates. But sometimes spicing up your ways of Romance can spice up your relationship.

As we all know Indian roads have always been a beautiful place to explore because of its serene beauty and pristine ambiance throughout the journey. So this time I have come up with Indian roads that will definitely turn up your mood to Romance. All you have to do is plan a Romantic holiday and go out for a long drive and spend some quality time with your beloved on these exotic roads. Imagine how romantic it would be sailing across the snowy and misty mountains, sand-flounced landscape, highways hemmed in by green sheet.

Bangalore to Coorg

Elope from your hectic boring schedule and get lost into the pristine ambiance with your beloved across the spellbinding 260-km long route to Coorg. The enthralling green sheet of spice and coffee plantation over the fields comes to embrace you with its open arms making you feel lost in the pristine ambiance.

Mumbai to Goa

This route along the smooth NH17 across the Western Ghats driving along the Arabian Sea Shoreline for about ten hours will definitely leave awe stuck with its candid beauty and tranquilising after effects. Escaping from the busiest city of the country and heading towards the great hangover destination will definitely make you feel some much needed we time with your beloved.

Shimla to Manali

Driving through 250-km stretch glancing at the snow-arrayed mountains from Shimla to Manali will be an enchanting and thrilling experience that you must share with beloved. Spending some exotic moments in your beloved’s arms. It is indeed an amazing moment to be with your beloved beneath the clear blue sky surrounded by beautiful River Beas.

Bangalore to Pondicherry

This 315-km long route if filled with exotic roads with a great tranquilising view and sea breeze. It is also one of the photographer’s exotic hubs with enchanting layers of small hills and surrounding water spaces. It will be a 5-6 hour romantic journey with your beloved to a great enthralling destination.

Guwahati to Shillong

This is 2-3 hour route engulfed with pristine beauty of valleys, waterfalls, and misty and green hills. You can even get the tranquilising view of a man-made lake in Meghalaya. This exotic view is in fact comparable to Scotland.

Manali to Leh

This 479-km route to Leh is a beggar description. Snow-covered mountains, mesmerising valleys, imposing Himalayas linking Manali, Zanskar Valley, and Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The long National Highway 3 is open during the summer.

Darjeeling to Gangtok

Darjeeling appears as the queen of the hills but it is so run over by the throngs that it is a inclination to just head out to Gangtok. This 95 km route to Gangtok is filled with enchanting views of green sheets of tea plantations spread over an expanse, the refreshing verdant valleys and high mountains. Best time to be in the arms of the exotic valleys and beautiful ambiance is during the time of receding winter and approaching spring. The ambiance is cool and all filled with romance. The love is the sir at this point of time.