The controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 11 had its first eviction this weekend in which Zubair Khan was evicted on the grounds of receiving least number of votes. The show is witnessing high voltage drama within the first week of its launch, first with the eviction of Priyank Sharma and now Zubair Khan who has reportedly filed a complaint against Bollywood star, Salman Khan in Antop Hill Police Station, Mumbai. Zubair accused him of threatening on the show and calling him ‘fraud’ on National Television. Salman got furious over him for badmouthing female inmates in the house.

After Salman lashed out at him in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, Zubair consumed excessive pills and got ill at health due to which he was hospitalized. He is fine now and discharged from the hospital after proper treatment. But the reports suggest that right after the discharge, Zubair approached Antop Hill Police Station to lodge a complaint against Salman. He also claimed that Salman threatened him to spoil his career by asking his contact to not let him work in the entertainment industry.

During the week, Zubair called Arshi Khan a 2 Rs woman in KRK’s style which infuriated Salman. He even misbehaved with other members of the house saying not to cross him else he will cross limits. Salman denied Zubair’s claim of belonging to Dawood’s family and being Haseena Parker’s husband and hence called him a ‘Fraud’. The elimination was announced on the next day (Sunday) as Zubair received a low number of votes in comparison to other nominations.

Zubair gave a recent statement saying,” It is a fake reality show. I went to the show as a director but they portrayed me as Haseena Parker’s husband. I am not Arjit or Vivek Oberoi who is scared of him or will apologize to him on social media.”