Pm Modi forgien trips are always in discussion by opposition parties, but any how these trips are for making international business relations. On the other we always have a question in our mind for the silent foreign trips of Vice President of Congress Rahul Gandhi. Recently a news came into light that Rahul Gandhi is married to a Spanish girl Veronica, so that is the reason for his regular silent trips to abroad.

Earlier in an interview Rahul Gandhi excepted that he has a very close Spanish friend and even his family asked for marriage. Veronica is an architect by profession and and running her own business there. Even BJP Leader Subramanian Swami Showed all the documents in which it was clearly stated that Rahul Gandhi holds a dual citizenship, Indian and British too. Not only this he was spotted in various public places with Veronica.

We should not forget Rahul is the blood of Gandhi family which has earlier records of such relationships, don’t go so far Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi, Sonia is an Italian born Indian. Anyways we are sharing a video which can make you to trust on our words:

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