Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Best Healing Method For Each Chakras

There are literally thousands of ways you can “heal” and “balance” your chakras. Meditation and visualization are both very popular choices, sound is another...

Can anyone really create GOD?

Is our 100% belief in anything is what we say is GOD? It's amazing but true. If the literary meaning of “SATYANARAYANA” is the Lord of TRUTH...

It’s scary | 3rd world war will begin on 13th May 2017

Here is the prediction for the third world war, you must know about it. The person who did the prediction of Donald Trump would be...

Tarot scope 2017 by Tarot expert Taara Malhotra

Here you can check your Tarot reading according to your sun signs. Have a look. ARIES:  Arians, this year, you need to stay at bay from...

What is Spirituality ? Know more about it.

Nowadays everyone claims that they are spiritual...but are they in real sense? Have you ever pondered what actually spirituality is? Though it is a very subjective...

You must know the power of our subconscious mind

At some point of life all of us come across with situations where we are bound to think why it happens with us only?,...

Know how to clean your home from negative vibrations?

As we all know energy do exists and so do the vibes. Your home might carry some vibes of people loving there previously, or...

How Crystals benefit our ‘CHAKRA’s’?

Do you know how Chakra's & Crystals are interconnected ? Let us first understand what exactly Chakra's are & how they work. "Chakras" are wheels of...

Do you know these facts about Reiki Healing & Tarot Card Reading?

1.  What is tarot card reading Tarot is divination tool which directly connected with divine power, reader will acess to universal divine energy and give...

Spell Casting: Powerful Tool for Goal Manifestation

When you HEAR the word “Spell Casting” ..What comes to your mind? Some kind of Magic …Right? Is it real? Yes, it is about Magic...



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