What to do if your child is addicted to Smartphone?

Girl affectionated by a smart phone

Smartphone addiction is the new disease that is spreading like a plague in the mankind. It doesn’t look like a very serious problem until it starts to strengthen its grip on your child as well. If your child also keeps playing games on your smartphone whole day long, then he/she can be put into the category of a smartphone addict. If you don’t act on time, then this addiction can prove to be hazardous for your child. Your child would never be able to know how to socialize in real life, he would never learn how to adapt himself to the situations, and he would never be able to differentiate between the real world and the world behind a smartphone display.

You must know that these may feel like very small issues at first, but have a direct effect on your child’s life. You can follow few of the below-mentioned ways to take out your child out of this addiction:

Keep Your Child Busy:

First of all, try to keep your child busy in other activities that they enjoy. You can enroll them in some sports clubs where they won’t be able to use anyone’s Smartphone. This will also make them experience the fun of outdoor activities and can even contrast it with the fun that he gets while using Smartphone.

Set the specific Hours Usage of Smartphone:

The other thing that you can do is to set some hours within a day when he can freely use the smartphone if he promises that he would not even ask for it in the remaining time.

Make him understand the drawbacks of using too much of Mobile Phones:

Along with this, you may also need to make him aware of the harmful effects of using a smartphone by giving real examples.

Be yourself an Example:

You should also try to avoid using your smartphone in front of your child so as to set a good example in front of him.