Classical Indian Dance Forms That Will Help You Stay In Shape


Why do you need to jog to stay fit when you have got more good options than that?  Well, if you are thinking about more options?  Jazz, Jumba, belly dance etc are more preferable options than jog or working out in the gym!

On the other hand, we can also consider Indian classical dance forms as they are known to help to keep our body in shape?  Indian classical dance forms are the best to keep the body in shape and also increase the stamina.

  1. Bharatnatyam

Bharatnatyam Is the oldest and widest practiced Indian dance form all over the world. Bharatnatyam Is originated from the temples of Tamil Nadu, the southern part of India.

Benefits of Bharatnatyam:

Bharatnatyam is the dance form where the postures of your body matter the most. It helps your body to be in a balance mode and also strengthens the bones of your body especially the lower portion of the body.


  1. Kathak

The word Kathak is originated from the Sanskrit word Katha. Katha means a story. So basically Kathakali is a storytelling dance form.  In Kathakali, the sanders have to wear those ankle bells on their feet. Kathak Kali is done with straight legs.

Benefits of Kathak

The dance movements of Kathakali are applied in every section of the body and therefore rank high on the list of getting physical fitness through dance medium.

In Kathakali, the sanders wear heavy ankle bells and thus they actually perform the weight-bearing exercise. Kathak is a type of storytelling dance form so the dancers spend a lot of time in mastering a particular act. They need to build up a coordination of their facial expressions and movements on a particular theme, thus, exercising the whole body.

So, keep dancing to the beats of Indian Classical dance and rest assured, you won’t have to worry about saggy skin anytime soon.