Education is a vital investment for human and economical development of a country or you can say education and economic development are two opposite sides of a coin. In a recent study its already proved that those countries having better literary rate, has lesser percentage of poverty. Education makes a human self dependent and creates more opportunities to earn his living which indirectly helps to grow the GDP of a nation. In a country like India where rate of education varies from region to region and the pattern of education is also very copy book style.

But in such situation some of the welfare organizations are trying to improve the education level of India, such an organization in Moradabad region of Uttar Pradesh is doing very hard work to make the country “Sarv Shikshit” and also trying to provide new techniques for teaching. The dream of “Naya Vichar Nayi Urja Foundation” NVNU is to see our country fully educated down the line and want to encourage the students to come up with more innovative ideas which can help to grow us at global level. This organization is managed by some of the senior government officers of India who are trying to contribute their experiences for the development of the country.

According to “Naya Vichar Nayi Urja Foundation” NVNU youth power is the strength for the development of the country which should be channelized in the right direction. The Foundation is supporting underprivileged students by providing them free education; free library, free labs and also encouraging educated people (retired or non-retired) to do voluntary teaching in their local areas. Members of the organization are also running campaigns to promote the donation of (used or new) books to the libraries where students can have free study materials.

NVNU foundation is running various education programs at various levels in different parts of the country. The organization is also setting up laboratories to provide student more opportunities to do research and come up with more innovative ideas. The members of the organization believe that we need to adopt modern techniques of teaching which must create awareness that being literate is a way of being liberated, it is a mode of touching new horizons and encompassing difficulties to realize one’s complete potential.