What exactly is Love? It is a feeling which cannot be described in words but rather felt. It is a kind of emotion or affection towards a particular person. Love is a kind of feeling that makes you to feel alive, at the top of the world! Everything seems so nice and so beautiful that even you don’t bother to talk to your enemies, right!

But have you ever thought  that what is going inside your body when you are actually in love? Psychology says when you are feeling anxious and stressed and at that time the person who came up with a helping hand to you; you feel attracted to that person and the attraction that takes place is so strong that even with no third person can break this bond.

And if you are women and you have fallen in love that you should know women generally feel good to have reciprocated of the same emotion through their men lovers. So it’s a suggestion for all men lovers express the same as much as they feel their girl!

When you see a beautiful and bold personality, it is the brain that somewhere stops working and your heart feels so energized that even you can feel the pumping noise of it!

Psychologists say that specific chemical substances such as oxytocin, phenethylamine, and dopamine, have been found to play a role in human experiences and behaviors that are associated with love. In fact, it also works in your marriage life when you and your partner sharing a same room and same bed feels so attracted towards each other that your brain stops distinguishing between the sexual and the physical personality of your partners.

Even at that time you no more feels like your partner is not the one you wanted or dreamed to have! The sexual desire took the part of the brain when it stops your mental capabilities.

Whatever it is of you truly feel attracted to someone and he or she becomes an important part of your life, then, dear it’s a high time to show your love to that important person before they feel the same towards any other person!