Hello Friends, Here we are sharing a very interesting chit chat with Vanya Kaushik, a fashion designer who believes in providing customized designs according to the client’s need and personality. In her short professional journey she has already designed dresses for tv and film celebs. So let’s start a discussion with Vanya.

So Vanya welcome to Social Tahelka

ST: Please share something about your life journey with our readers.

Vanya: I did B.TECH in fashion technology and after completing my graduation I shifted to Jaipur, my start in the city was bit rough, after giving 40 interviews which turns positive for me, start working as a fashion designer with one of the domestic traditional wholesale exporter. Then I started getting positive reviews and good responses from other well designers and export houses about my work, which made me realized, I should have start my own fashion house and quit the job very next moment. There is one thing I want to share, in every job of mine, after one extent, I reach to the point, where I ask myself, what exactly I am doing, where this work going to take me to, should I really going to continue only this further, etc. And this curiosity took me here, but still long way to go. So you can say that my life journey is being like the caterpillar.

ST: When and how did you realize you should opt for fashion industry?

Vanya: Well, I don’t remember exact age and time, but surely it’s quite at young age. Yes I can say there must be two reasons why this industry chose me. First since my childhood I was very fascinated about colors and in my younger age I saw those colors through this industry on TV and movies and other is the actors who won thousands of hearts by their one presence on the screen. Slowly I realized that other departments of film making are important to portrait an actor on screen. I realize that work is not the only reason which attracted the people their appearance has the equal role in it. Then I start sketching my ideas on paper and maybe that’s the moment I realized.

ST: What’s your style mantra in designing your collection?

Vanya: There is no mantra for style and designing.  As an artist, mantras are the boundaries. I care about the taste of the client, his/her comfort and what visually suits on him / her.

ST: How will you differentiate your collection from other designers?

Vanya: Well for this you should visit us and experience our work personally.

ST: What challenges have you faced during your early stage of designing career and how did you overcome them?

Vanya: Before answering this, may I ask you something? Do you like video games? Did you notice something in that? Video games have their challenging levels, but still you love to play games further. You didn’t quit it there only because you love it. Same like your work, if you love the work you do, you don’t take the challenges as hurdle, you take it as a game to achieve the goal and after achieving all the levels of your goal, it excites you to move to the next level. Your mind and body keeps on asking you that “What next sweetheart..?? Let’s take further”.

ST: What was your family reaction when they come to know that you want to be a fashion designer?

Vanya: Well, my father has the big no, as he was worried about my career in fashion industry. Nobody in my family has the knowledge about this designing industry. All we know about it, is, demands quite big investment in this, which is not at all possible for us. We are service class people, who only know about the permanent income sources. But I guess, when I took the decision, my parents asked each and every single person they met or even know quite casually.

ST: For your success to whom will you like to give the credit?

Vanya: Of course all credit goes to my big fat joint family. Every single person has their own roles to make me achieve it. Have their hands to make me reach here.

ST: Have you designed something for TV or film celebs and if yes who are those?

Vanya: Well, list is still on (with a blink eye). A joke apart, few known faces are like Bhagyashree, Vidya Malvade, Tara Alisha Berry, Aizaz Khan, and many more. To know more, please do visit our fb page.

ST: As we have seen many dress malfunctioning situations on the stages, for that to whom will you blame?

Vanya: Accidents can’t be blamed to anyone. If it is intentionally, it wouldn’t be a malfunctioning.

ST: What changes do you feel which come in fashion trend in last one decade?

Vanya: Every decade rotates in a cycle. It repeats itself. Before, we gave the importance to the fashionable and stylish wardrobe. But nowadays, people and even our fashion leaders prefer the comfortable as well as stylish wardrobes.

ST: Which fashion style do you prefer for designing your collection (western or Indian ethenical)?

Vanya: As I mentioned before as well, artists has no boundaries. And if you talk about especially me, I can’t bind my creativity in any frame of zones. Everything has their own beauty and I can’t miss that opting or learning it. And designers and stylists are the trend setters, so, we cannot bind ourselves in certain zones.

ST: If you are not be a fashion designer what other profession would you like to opt?

Vanya: Painter! I would have painted the canvas in my signature style i.e. Modern art.

ST: We have heard you are coming up with a new business idea, is it true?

Vanya: Yes, it’s something related to wedding planning, in which we are trying to give dream wedding solutions to the clients according to their budget. Starting from makeover to fashion designing and rest all like venue decoration etc. For more details stay tuned with me.

ST: What success mantra will you like to share with budding fashion designers?

Vanya: Be honest with yourself and be focus, what you want to achieve. Listen everyone but do whatever you feel is right.

Thanks a lot for giving your precious time to Social Tahelka. We wish you all success in your life.