First Time to Europe? 10 Travel Tips to get you started



Europe is an exotic place but if you are visiting Europe for the first time do not let the charisma of the place intimidate you. So your complexities will be settled here with a little guide helping you to choose what the essential things to keep in mind are.

1. Get a Schengen Visa:

If your plans are to visit more than a single country whiles your trip, surely Schengen Visa is your way through. Make sure you book refundable flights and hotel as in order to get this visa you must have complete bookings proof. Hence you don’t want to end up being without a visa and wasted money on flight and hotels.


2. Have a good mix of planned and unplanned things:

Travel style may vary from person to person but always be ready to get surprised in Europe. You might end up finding many good deals which may surprise you.


3. Start early and grab the value of money deals:

If you love to bargain you may end up saving a lot for your pockets. You might not get so much of street shopping experience, but you can bargain at several other booking places. So research and choose the cheapest.


4. Stick to a budget:

Note down your whole budget and stick to it. You don’t want to be cashless in middle of the trip. Including accommodation, flights, food, everything should be planned.


5. Prep your vegetarian taste buds:

Are you vegetarian? Be prepared to get surprised. You might be warned that you may starve being a vegetarian but actually, there are lots of great vegetarian foods in Europe.


6. Is your backpack ready?

Don’t hold too heavy baggage else you will hinder your own travel. You should travel more on feet rather than trying to carry your backpack.


7. Do not miss the countryside.

Yes, the cities have clubs, bars, party places that may excite you but be sure that you do not miss the countryside or else it might be a big miss of your life.


8. Visit the local tourism board:

The recommendations from tourism board will be very grateful and helpful simultaneously.


9. Learn some phrases in the local language:

Most importantly! Not every street vendor or cab driver may know the English. So be prepared with a couple of essential local phrases.


10. Always stay in touch:

Crisis doesn’t knock before arriving and especially when you are in an unknown land, prefer always being in touch with your guide or team.