Woman Performing Blood Test on Herself

Diabetes is a very health issue, it gradually makes the body weak and shows its effect on other organs of the body. yet there is no 100% cure for Diabetes available in medical science, but you can just control your sugar levels with your diet, lifestyle and proper medication. Along with medicines you can try some home remedies to maintain your blood sugar. Lets see some of the home remedies which you can try easily:

Cinnamon: (Dalchini):In ancient time Cinnamon was highly considered as anti diabetic compound. It reduces the rate of glucose in which it enters to our blood, and maintains of sugar level. Cinnamon also helps in maintaining cholesterol level. You must take 3-6 gms of Cinnamon powder daily.


Daruhaldi: Its a thorny herb, which simulates the pancreas to release insulin in the body. Hence, glucose enters the cell providing energy and purifying the blood of any sugar. The root of the herb is ground into a powder and can be taken at least 2 times in a day.

Turmeric (Haldi): A natural anti-diabetic, anti- cancer anti-inflammatory and anti- allergic, haldi or turmeric helps with insulin resistance, allowing glucose to enter the cells effectively. Diabetics should drink a cup of turmeric tea i.e. add a pinch of pure turmeric in a glass of water allow it to boil and drink.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil contains Lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids that are lighter than glucose, so it easily gets into the cells providing fuel to the cells without any need of insulin. Coconut fat does not get stored in the human body and is utilized as energy. 

Jamun Seeds: They are bitter in taste but exceptional to cure the disease. Dry the Jamun seed and make powder of it. regular use of that jamun powder helps in maintaining sugar level.