The spat between Hrithik and Kangana relationship is trending on social media for a long time. She has been spotted speaking on forensic reports, photographs, television but Hrithik always kept quiet and never gave any piece of clarification. But now, once and for all, Hrithik Roshan has come out in public and spoke about this entire issue that has hogged headlines for a year-and-a-half now by posting on his Twitter account a lengthy statement and in an interview with a TV channel. In the statement, he explained his side of the story and the entire chronology of events that she twisted to her own advantage.

Hrithik says that he was uncomfortable talking out in public about this but since now ‘children suffer, families, suffer’, I need to speak about this ‘dirty perverse mess’. He further says that society favors the other party thinking why would the girl lie but according to him the truth is he is being harassed by Kangana from past four years.

  1. Hrithik first met Kangana during the shooting of Kites

In an interview Hrithik gave a statement,” we first met in 2008-2009 while shooting for kites and I was impressed by his professionalism. But we didn’t become good friends. Kangana complimented me by saying that she was inspired by me while I was shooting in Manali.”

  1. Hrithik and her ex-wife Suzzane claimed that the viral ‘smelling neck’ picture was doctored

On October 5, 2017, Kangana’s sister tweeted a photo of Hrithik and Kangana in which Hrithik had grabbed her from her waist as a proof to the allegations. To this, Hrithik replied that it was a time of wrap up party of Krrish 3 at Jordan and he was about to sleep in his room when he heard a loud knock on his door. He said that it was Kangana through the keyhole, was drunk and not in a position to handle herself. So, he called his assistant to escort her to her room.

  1. About the engagement allegation, Hrithik claimed he never met her in Paris

Hrithik said the examination of his passport would prove that he had not met Kangana one on one in his entire life, especially the time she said he proposed her in Paris.”

Well, there are two sides to every story and Hrithik’s shocking revelations about Kangana made his fans doubt her accusations.