Well, dating is what youngsters love the most in order to find ‘THE ONE’ for them. But at times, you may bump into a wrong person where you get through a really hard awkwardness. So here are the 8 things that show that you are out of your depths on dates.

Realizing your Date Doesn’t look like their photos

So, have you ever gone on a Date by just looking at their photographs? Yeah, photographs might be deceiving and when you see your date, you are like, “Who are you?” The only reason behind it is the guy/girl might have uploaded one of the best flattering pictures to grab attention.

Trying Not to Fart

Well, the other awkward moment comes when you get a feeling of actually farting now. On one side, you really want to be casual about it but on the other side your brain says, “What if it is too loud?” In the end you might end up making awkward positions to eventually pass the gas in silence.

Ordering a drink that makes you seem cool

So, you are on a Date, and you really want to look cool? You might end up ordering a drink that makes you look cool, but, what if the taste is really hilarious?

Blindly Agreeing with your Date

The other awkward thing that most of the people do is blindly agreeing with anything what your Date says. Like it is not necessary to say yes to whatever he/she says. You can put up your point.

Mention a detail you learned Stalking them Online

And yeah, this is something really amusing that would end you in a highly awkward situation. For example, how the movie went? Or you didn’t go to the gym today? You may seem like a real online stalker and a bit desperate too.