Narendra Modi apart from being the head of our country is also a most influential person in India who has a huge fan following. PM Narendra Modi has many followers and admirers who come up with different types of weird wishes such as meeting the man in person etc. But this 40-year-old woman who hails from Jaipur has a strange demand: ‘She wants to Marry PM Modi.’ Bizarre, isn’t it? In order to fulfill her desire, she is currently sitting on a dharna for the past one month at Jantar Mantar and says she will not leave the place until PM Modi comes to meet her and agrees with her marriage proposal.

Om Shanti Sharma who is on a sit-in since September 8 has clarified that her mental condition is perfectly fine and she really wants to marry PM of India. She is a divorcee but is a mother of a 20-year-old daughter. When media asked her how she had an India of marrying PM Modi to which she replied, “I want to marry him because I want to serve him. I know he is all alone like me.” Well, the woman seems to be of sound mind and claims that it is out of her admiration and respect that she wants to be with the head of our country.

She further added,” I know many people laugh at me and mock me but as our elders have always taught us to respect the elders and help them, I want to do my bit of help for him by marrying and serving him forever.” Well, while many of us might be thinking if she is a destitute, we want to make it clear that she is an owner of a lot of land, property, and money back in Rajasthan. In fact, she gave a statement, “I have planned to sell some of them and buy some gifts for the leader.”

She doesn’t care what would be the reaction of the government towards her act and is little concerned about her daughter’s future. Currently, she is using public washrooms at Jantar Mantar and eats and gurudwaras and temples to continue with her Dharna.