Television actress Jennifer Winget is one of the most talented beauty in the entertainment industry. Currently, she is all set to star in the third season of Beyhadh show. At the latest, we heard that makers have increased her pay scale and now she is earning 1 lakh per episode so that she is one of the highly paid TV actresses now.


Jennifer Winget and her show Beyhadh have been garnering a lot of appreciation from fans across the world. The show’s gripping storyline and Jennifer’s impressive performance keep viewers hooked to the show. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Jennifer as a psycho Maya is what made the show popular among the masses. Meanwhile, on Beyhadh, viewers witnessed a short leap in the storyline, after which a “dead” Maya returned in Arjun’s (Kushal Tandon) life with a new bald look.



As the popularity of the show rose in no time and the TRPs were soaring to different heights. The popularity of the show grew, Jennifer Winget’s remuneration also grew.