Currently, you can opt for various solutions aimed at reduction of weight. The easiest way is to take fat burners or other pills designed for the relevant purpose. Unfortunately, this way is also the most dangerous to health. Those who know the value of true results choose the long-term but effective solution of dieting and exercising. At the same time, there is the third category of users who combine latest achievements of the pharmaceutical industry with traditional methods of losing weight. These people usually consume meal replacements within a certain diet plan.

According to, there are dozens of MR options to choose from. A regular representative of this type of supplements is designed to get through food cravings and supply nutrients to the organism. Thus, to become a success, a merchandise should have decent nutrition values and performance.

Twenty-Five Grams of Protein

This figure of the key component of any MR drink is the core value of the merchandise by the General Nutrition Corporation. You will find this drink under the name of Lean Shake 25. Similar to miscellaneous brands, the shake is designed for substitution of not more than two daily foods to control the consumption of calories. Thus, when you consume this drink instead of one or even two meals, you can significantly decrease the kcal number per day. And this is a prerequisite of any diet. At the same time, such reduction of energy value has to cause serious hunger cravings. Nevertheless, the shake promises to prevent its users from growing appetite.

Key Figures of the MR Shake

Considering the fact that a regular consumption of a wholesome food provides around 600 kcal (or even more), the merchandise by GNC can boast of the value cut back by three times. Hence, replacing two daily meals enables you to save around 800 kcal. Such fall of calories is a decent input to any diet. At the same time, it should be noted that 15% of the energy value comes from fat. According to this value, Lean 25 can be characterized as neither low-fat nor high-fat product.

The above-mentioned 25 gm of protein come from three sources. Since this ingredient successfully suppresses hunger that is its main function, the quality of protein can be qualified as good. Moreover, the shake is not over saturated with sugar and fat. These values amount to 4 gm and 3 gm correspondingly.

Performance and Safety

Unlike most MR shakes containing synthetic ingredients, GNC’s merchandise is a rather unhazardous solution. No adverse reactions have been reported in reviews accessible on the web. It cannot be called a completely organic drink but you may be sure to avoid any health issues. Besides, users admit decent quality and performance of the mentioned shake. However, no terrific weight loss outcomes should be expected. Moreover, there is a probability to gain lost weight after you cease using the drink. Anyhow, the shake demonstrates a proper combination of nutrients and vitamins to ensure the adequate performance.