Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine a visit to a gym without sports nutrition in a bag. Athletes and regular users understand and appreciate properties of diet supplements. Hence, protein shakes have integrated into a lifestyle of most people involved in the weight loss process.

A variety of merchandises offers dozens of flavor options to satisfy the most demanding customer. However, it is not a rarity to encounter users rejecting various prefabricated shakes and seeking for something special and unique. If you belong to this cohort of seekers and want to achieve a new level of taste of your diet product, the following recommendations will help you diverse your shake and make it one-of-a-kind.

Liquid Media

A liquid is a basis of any shake to dissolve your protein powder. As a rule, users opt for water as the most accustomed solution to prepare the drink. Nevertheless, water does not ensure some extraordinary taste properties. At the same time, you can try various volumes of water used for the preparation of the shake. Adding a lesser or bigger amount of this liquid changes the shake texture thus influencing the taste.

Naturally, water is not the only option. The second popular liquid media for making sports drinks is milk. Together with better taste, this option allows enhancing energy value of the shake. Frankly speaking, even a tasteless protein powder turns into a delicious stuff when blended with milk. However, tastes differ. So, every user has own vision on the proper taste for the sports drink.

The third option is juice. It is not as popular as previous liquids for shakes. Nevertheless, mixing the powder with a certain juice is a good way to create a special taste for your drink.

Delicious Additives

As soon as you have chosen the suitable liquid, you can think about additional ingredients to expand the taste properties of your drink. The most popular and accessible solution to change the flavor is to opt for natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. In fact, there is no limit regarding which veggie or fruit to choose. Everything depends on your taste preference. An important point to be considered when adding extra ingredients is nutritional values. Each separate food has own energy value, as well as the certain content of sugar, fat, protein and other essential values. So, be careful not to exceed the target value when trying to reach the best taste for the drink.

Actually, your fantasy is the only barrier in terms of choosing additives to your shake. Fruits are the most widespread solution. However, some users opt for yogurt, chocolate, peanut butter, miscellaneous spices etc.

Moreover, the current popular trend is to convert protein shakes into smoothies. This solution is packed with vitamins and minerals by means of mixing fruits, veggies, ice, and protein powder. Naturally, all these ingredients are blended in a certain liquid media.

Today, the problem of taste is out of the question since you can easily invent your own solution instead of marketed diet supplements.