Public Transport Vehicles To Have GPS & Panic Button From April 1, Will It Make Women Safe?


All taxis, buses and public transport vehicles, barring three-wheelers and e-rickshaws, are compelled by the recent orders of the court to install location tracking device or GPS and an alert button from April 1.

The road transport ministry tweeted on Wednesday that from 1st of April, all the passenger vehicles such as buses, taxis etc will be mandatorily equipped with GPS device as a safety measure for the women passengers that are on board. Reports suggest that the orders are stringent and no extra time is given to install the GPS and by April every public transport vehicle should have installed it.

The vehicle owners shall get these devices fitted by the manufacturer or dealer or the operators.

Initially, this proposal was for buses having more than 23 seats. But this proposal was dropped due to privacy concerns and now the device is mandatory in all the closed vehicles.

The installation is made compulsory for the closed vehicles because 3 wheelers are open and passengers are more vulnerable in vehicles with closed structure, a police official said.

According to sources, the state transportation departments are responsible for putting a system in place for tracking public transport vehicles. When any passenger presses the alert button, both the transport department and police control rooms will be alerted for taking quick action.

We must agree that just installing the GPS and panic button will be of no use if someone is not tracking the vehicles using this. So all the police and transport department will be tracking the bus and keeping the records of every route. This huge step taken by the government is being appreciated by most of the parties and common people. The facility to raise an alarm could go a long way in helping women in any kind of emergency situation.

Yet, it is crucial to build and manage the whole system effectively for the police personnel so that they are efficient enough to use it aptly. This innovative idea is granted by the Safetipin company and the whole team should be congratulated for thinking about the safety of Indian people, particularly, women.