Rape, murder of minor sparks outrage in Pakistan


A girl named, Zainab Ansari, disappeared last week while going to a center, near her home for Quranic studies. According to reports, her body was found in a Kasur waste-yard on January 4. The father, Anees Ansari, was on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia with his wife at the time of his daughter’s disappearance.

Hearing this news there was an angry protest on Wednesday between the angry Kasur residents and police after protesters enraged over her death and attacked a police station in the city. Two people were killed and three others were wounded in the clashes.

To investigate this case, the government appointed Abu Bakr Khuda Baksh, the Additional IG but Zainab’s father objected this decision and demanded that “non-Muslim” Police officer should not be allowed to investigate his daughter’s death.

He claimed that Baksh was a ‘Qadiani’ and hence should not be allowed to investigate his daughter’s murder. He also demanded to the government that the Joint Investigation Team’s head should be replaced by a Muslim officer.  Upon Ansari’s request, Baksh was replaced by Multan Regional Police Officer DIG Muhammad Idrees.

The investigation says that Zainab was raped before she was killed. Zainab’s father said that he is not going to burry Zainab till the culprit is been found and arrested by the police. Zainab’s father also said that if Zainab is the nation’s daughter then the investigators must find their daughter’s culprit as soon as possible and give justice to her.

A leaked CCTV footage shows that Zainab was holding hands with an unidentified person, who is suspected to be the criminal. On Sunday morning, Pakistan Supreme Court has issued a 72 hours warning to Punjab Police Chief to arrest the culprit behind this brutal rape and murder. Despite national outrage, no significant achievement has been made by police investigating officers in this case yet.