Sex is not just a mechanical part of the life, its a very special moment when a couple feels each other physically and emotionally. We do prefer safe sex, means we should use condoms while having sex. It controls the risk of Sexual disease and also reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. But at some moment of love making both male and female prefer to enjoy their intimate session without condom, here are some reasons why women hate condoms than men do:

  1. Condom makes intercourse less enjoyable: Some women feel condom reduces the pleasure of touch and kills their orgasm.
  2. Women can’t enjoy blowjob with condom: Women also feel they can’t enjoy blowjob with condom because of a plastic layer in between, and they also feels their partner don’t get the right pleasure for which they are expecting.
  3. Condoms make vagina dry: As per a survey women also feel condom make their vagina dry during the intercourse and it result in a painful activity.
  4. Condoms have unpleasant smell: Condoms give an unpleasant smell of latex, which makes women mood turn off and they don’t enjoy their intimate moment.
  5. Condom breaks the flow of the act: Women feel after having a good foreplay they are on high, in between when their partner takes a break to put on the condom it spoils their mood and even they miss out their orgasm.
  6. Condom mismatch the high of point of the couple: Some women also feel while using condom couple mismatch their high point, some women feels they never match their orgasm with their partners or vise versa.

We suggest you must have a safe sex because sometimes pleasure of just a moment can be a problem forever.