SEAMO, is not merely an Olympiad rather it is aimed at bringing the most creative and youngest mind of the world in a friendly competition at the highest level to be a platform to identify and discover mathematical talents through creative challenges and to encourage maximum students to participate in this Olympiad to unleash their mathematical talent across India and other countries.

Objectives of SEAMO:

  • It aims at promoting excellence amongst students of Class V – XII, in their every sphere of school learning.
  • Provide realistic view to each student on their ability.
  • Encourages analytical thinking, as it presents a platform which assesses the logical thinking and problem solving approach of a student by compelling them to think deeply.
  • SEAMO encourages “High Order Thinking” ability of a child & recommends a learning style through a personalized report.

SEAMO, (SouthEast Asian Mathematical Olympiad) – originated from Singapore. Conceptualised and managed by noted mathematician and experts of Terry Chew
Institute of Mathematical Olympiad (TCIMO). Established in 1991, TCIMO has been engaged in path breaking research in designing mathematical questions to assess a child’s inherent and problem solving skills. It encourages all categories of students to think on the solution approach to a problem. Last year, more than 40,000 students appeared in SEAMO across 12 Asian countries viz Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Timor-Leste.


Gold Plated Medal & Certicate :                  Top 0.025% of students
Silver Plated Medal & Certicate :                Next 1% of students
Bronze Plated Medal & Certicate :              Next 2% of students
Participation Certicate for all :                    For all students

Last date to Apply is 31st July 2017

Date of SEAMO is 5th Aug 2017

Result date is 25th Aug 2017


Q. How can a student register for SEAMO?
Ans. There are 2 modes of registration :
Ofine : Students can ll up the form through their respective school along with the registration fees and/or submit the lled in form at the nearest registration ofce mentioned in the brochure.
Online : Students can visit the ofcial website i.e, ll up the online registration
form and by submitting the registration fees.
Q. What are the modes of Payment?
Ans. In case of ofine registration it could be by Cash/Cheque/Demand Draft & in case of online registration it could be by credit card, debit card, net banking.
Q. What is the syllabus for the SEAMO exam?
Ans. Please refer to the link : http://seamo-of
Q. Is SEAMO conducted in English only?
Ans. Yes
Q. Is SEAMO subjective or objective exam?
Ans. It will be of Objective Type. Every question will carry 4 answer options wherein one option will be correct.
Q. Which all students can appear for SEAMO?
Ans. For students of Class V to XII
Q9. Is there a negative marking?
Ans. No