stressed mind


Sometimes, we response in a negative way. our body is under pressure or feel low. It the state when we feel stressed out. There can be various reasons behind our mind and body feeling stressed out. Sometimes, we have a fight, work under deadlines, we pressurize ourselves. This form of pressure can be really harmful for our body.

We cannot exactly find the root cause for the stress. But one such reason behind why we stress so much can be the process of overthinking. Overthinking is one of the root cause why we pressurize our mind and body.

Although it is said that some amount of stress is good to help complete the work and achieve the goals. But what is really needed is that it should have been rephrased like “we should worry but up to a certain limit.” Giving too much of attention to one particular can drain out our energy.

Generally it is a self diagnosed activity but the signs are different in different people. They may so much differ like some people may starve eating when stressed while others may binge eating. Some might start eating too much in tension while others may not even feel their appetite. Some might develop different changes in their body.

Many might don’t know, but premature graying of color is also a sign of an individual being stressed out.

Basically, a stressed person can face any kind of issues, be it, sleeping, eating, snoring or even malfunctioning of body changes. There have been reports that show stress people develop reduced calcium density in their bones.

Mood swings, Lack of energy. This is also a stressed body and stressful mind. In this kind of state, people might be facing this issues because of their emotional well-being.

Pain, Skin and Digestive problems. Is your work pressurizing you, giving you headache. A few of the times these symptoms can literally make you feel sick. They can include things like chronic pain, back pain, headaches, problems in digestion.

Anxiety, Guilt and worry. And sometimes too much of stress can cause this. There could be anxiety disorders. You worry too much about one thing that you are unable to concentrate on other things that are happening around.

Irritability, Frustration, Anger issues. If you are reacting so much on someone who hasn’t done that intentionally. Ask yourself, Is it really you that is behaving like that or is that your level of stress? Anger and Frustration are normal things. They are our way to express our emotions that each one of us feels at one point or another. But don’t let it go out of control that it can ruin your relationships, health and overall state of mind.

Depression, Too much of Sadness. Stress can either put you in a bad mood or make your temper flare. It can lead to an unwanted state of depression as well. Depression takes the person to a very chaotic state of mind. It can also be the reason for someone’s death. Some people may exhibit lack of concentration, reckless behavior. The only key solution can be to consult a professional in such cases.

Social Isolation and Loneliness. Have you ever wished to withdraw from life? It’s the time to seek support from the people you trust. Staying alone is good but withdrawing and giving up from life can be the solitude behind why people stress. Isolation is not at all a solution to deal with stress. Try taking help of a counselor or people you trust.

Sleep problems. Sleep helps a person to recharge their body and mind. A lack of sleep may produce a domino effect by boosting your stress level. It can cause your mind to think irrationally, causing pain and developing health problems in your mind.

There can be varied symptoms in different people. Every individual should set aside time to relax, eat a healthy diet and keeping their sleep space cool, dark and quiet. This can also help you sleep better.without giving stress to your mind.

So, here you go. If you ever develop such situations, firstly calm down and start thinking why that is happening. Plan it. Go systematically. If you can’t help yourself, you must consult a professional or a counselor who can help you in such a situation.

Need not worry. Stress can be fought and is curable. It is in your hands only how much power you give to this stress.