If you want to find a perfect escape from day-to-day turmoil of life, a beach holiday is a perfect escape. In this multihued world of ours, there is no scarcity of stunning beaches.

 So, if you are dreaming of a tropical gateways, checkout our list of 6 exotic beach destinations in the world.


Brazil is the topmost beach destination in the world with surplus of beaches that are beautiful, secluded and serene. The lushy rainforests, maddening crowds and urban life of Rio de Janeiro makes it worth a journey for adventurous travelers.


Get an opportunity to listen to the sea waves crashing,read, meditate by spending leisurely time in basic accommodations offered by beautiful beach resorts of Thailand. Krabi, Phuket, Khao Lak and Koh Samui are some of the most popular ones.


Spain is famed for its breathtaking beaches around the whole country. Tucked away in peninsular region of Europe, Spain is home to some of the most lively and delightful beaches. Villas, culture, beach activities, drinks and food deliver contemporary comforts in a beautiful setting.


Hidden away amid the tranquil, Mauritius presents some of the most famed secluded and unarguably most spectacular beaches and resorts of the world. Mauritius is a gorgeous country and beaches here offer you a perfect mixture of thundering waves and sightseeing in the outback. Anahita Gold and Spa, Heritage Le Telfair, Constance Belle Mare beach resorts are some of the budget- friendly and lively stay options.


If you like the idea of secluded coral reefs and broad stretches of golden sand fringed with coral shiny rocks, look no further than Australian beaches. Most of the beaches are remote and epitomizes tranquility and exotic beauty of Australia. Surferes Paradise, Airlie beach, Noosa, Caloundra are some of the best beaches in Australia for your holiday.


Florida is one of the most popular luxury beach escapes in the world for a number of reasons. From warm weather conditions, beautiful isolated serene landscape, breathtaking views, nightclubs, trendy playgrounds and stylish restaurants; Florida has it all.

Spending a beach holiday in any of these destinations is a retreat for the most discerning traveler.