This 33-year-old Instagram star and fitness model is expecting her second child. Sarah Stage might not have looked quite like most of us do when we’re about to deliver, but her dedication to fitness isn’t unhealthy for her or her baby. We all know exercise during pregnancy isn’t just good for pregnant women, but recommended—as much as 30 minutes 5-7 days a week is ideal.


She recently shared a progress picture to mark six months of pregnancy, but  her baby bump is hidden behind a tight set of abs and people are baffled.


Apart from being a fitness freak and model, is also a fitness guru with 2.1 million Instagram followers. She has posted several videos from her workout routine which she shares with a note of being approved by her doctor, writing: ‘Baby is perfectly fine in my tummy nice and safe while I work out. My doctor has given me the OK to continue exercising while pregnant but if you’re expecting please check with your dr. first since everyone is different!’ They show her doing a plank, crunches, dumbbell lunges and on most occasions, her two-year-old son James sits on her back while she is doing it! Now, that’s what we call a Superfit Supermom.