How to teach Respect to Young Children?

How to teach Respect to Young Children?
How to teach Respect to Young Children?

Children always learn what they see around them. No children will ever disrespect anybody just after he is born. It is through their interaction with the world around them that children are able to learn things. But it is very common in every household in India that children of age 6 to 8 years are becoming very disrespectful to the people around them. This is a serious problem as it is that stage of life at which the initial traits of the personality of an individual grow. This starting age can either make a person civilized or manner-less.

So, it is the responsibility of every parent and guardian to take extra care of their child in this period in order to give a better future to your child as well as your society. You can teach respect to your children if you keep in mind a few simple points:

  1. The Universal Rule:

The general rule of dealing with respect is “Give Respect, take respect”. We usually apply this rule while trading our thoughts with our colleagues. But it is often seen that people ignore it when they talk to children. Just change the way you talk to your child and it will change the way he talks back.

  1. The correct choice of words:

It is not always your behavior that is rude. Sometimes, your choice of words can also make you and your child sound rude. So, it is very necessary to teach your child all the polite words like “Thank You”, “Sorry” etc. so that these become natural to their vocabulary.

  1. The correct choice of friends:

The friend circle of your child is also responsible for most of the things that your child learns. You want to teach your child manner, that doesn’t mean every parent wants their children to learn manners. If you see such qualities in any of your child’s friend, then tell help your child to choose new friends.

  1. Behavioural qualities:

It is often a dilemma for the children to decide when to behave a little angrily and when to not. Therefore, it is the parent’s duty to set a limit on the behavior of the child so that child would know it whenever he goes out of this limit of good manners.

  1. Appreciate them by means of award

The best way to teach anybody something is by giving them a prize for their good attitude. You can apply this method here as well by praising and appreciating your children for their good behavior and you will see them craving for more.