Things to Tell Yourself If You are having a Rough Festive Season


Festival Season is often related to partying, enjoying and having fun with family members and friends. Well, the thing is not same for all the individuals, many of us are stuck in business moves, some had heartbreak and the others are broke. If this festive season is getting harder on you then you expect, then we have come up with 3 things you need to tell yourself and stop being depressed:

  1. You must not feel weird if everyone else is having a blast and not u

We often see people partying, bursting crackers and dancing to the beats of DJ. If you are at your home, sitting on a couch and watching your favorite movie then it is equivalent to their blast as well. You must not feel weird as the idea of enjoying is not same for everyone. If you are contented with whatever you are doing, things are going a right way.


  1. Try Logging On Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat

Scrolling down the posts on social networking sites, at times, becomes a cause of sadness. On the New Year’s Eve and Christmas’s eve, we often find people enjoying on foreign trips in exotic locations and then we start comparing our situation with theirs. Feel free to log out of these accounts and minimize your fear of missing out.


  1. It is Okay not to have money to spend on Gifts and Shopping

No doubt most of the people relate Festivals with spending their savings on buying stuff for their family members and friends. Well, if this year was not enough for you or you had business losses and you are broke, you need not feel ashamed of your situation.


There is a saying that ‘Christmas is not Christmas until it happens in your heart’, therefore if you want to enjoy the festive season in a real way, do it from your heart.