Guys, we are trying to share few facts based on research done at global level to share why women are superior than men. These facts and figure clearly states that women are a head than men. We also can’t denie to say exceptions are everywhere. On the basis of research we are sharing few points:

Women are smarter: According to James Flynn, an IQ expert, women across the USA, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand have been consistently scoring higher than men on IQ tests. On the basis of IQ scores women are a head than men.


Women are better leader: According to the study women are better leader at workplace and at home to. They can easily manage the people around either seniors or juniors.


Women are better multi-tasker: They have an ability to do multiple things at a time, lets see an example a woman can cook food while handling their babies or they can work on computer while explaining his husband how to do a house hold job on phone.


Women can handle more stress than men: Oxytocin, better known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ helps women cope with stress better than men. They can handle their professional and domestic pressure at the same time but in case of a man if he is disturbed at his domestic front, he can’t properly perform at profession.

Woman on Bicycle with Legs Outstretched

Women are more tolerant of pain: As we all know only women can bear labor pain and the monthly pain even then can handle their regular routine.


Women are better cleaner: No doubt in that, you can see a flat or of a single girl and can see a flat of a male bachelor. Women believe more in hygiene as comparison to men.


Women are better driver: We know you are thinking this can’t be, but according to the study 77% men are more likely to die in car accidents than women drivers. This is the reason why women pay lower premiums on their car insurance. Women follow more safety rules as compared to men.


Women are better finance manager: They know how to save, where to spend and how to bargain, which all needed to manage the finance at home or at profession.


Woman have better memory: Courtesy a study conducted by Aston University in England, women are really good at recollection than men – they can easily remember things after 2 minutes, 15 minutes, and 24 hours of learning them. On practical ground they can recall any small pin point issue during an argument which a man can’t.


Woman live longer: According to research the persons who lived above 100 years have more percentage of females. It also states that in general woman has 5 years more life than a man.