Marijuana has its scientific name as Cannabis which is used as a drug or medicine. It is one of the old plant which has been known from historical times due its sever psychoactive agents.

And has its greatest cultivation in the central and south Asia, however, in most of the countries including some specific 23 states of USA, Netherlands, Spain and a good list of others have banned the cultivation of the plant Marijuana.

It is generally used only when prescribed by the physician otherwise it can be used a drug creating adverse effects on health.

Now let us know about the top 5 facts of Marijuana; its uses and effects:-

  1. Leaf Structure and style :- the male and the female flowers of Cannabis born from different plants. Initially, the plant produce single leaflet which then gradually increases to seven to thirteen per leaf.

  2. Medicinal Use or effect :- in the field of the medicine, scientifically this plant has shown the effects of treating HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has a pain relieving effect which has been observed to reduce the severe pain of muscles after chemotherapy and also reduces the vomiting effect for HIV/AIDS.

  3. Removes habit of Tobacco and increases lung health:- as per the studies, Marijuana can even increase lung capacity which means having the reduction in lung capacity due to smoking can be somewhere protected by this drug.

  4. As a Cancer stopper:- Cannabidiol is a chemical found in Marijuana which has been found to help in preventing the spreading of Cancer.

  5. Decrease in anxiety:- a limited use of the drug can cause the decrease in anxiety, however, it is purely dependent on the dosage because if the dose exceeds the limit can increase anxiety and can also make a person paranoid.

 Over uses of anything is always harmful. 



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