Tricks to increase your saving rate each month


There are a lot of people who focus just on increasing their income by working harder and harder. But one thing those people keep ignoring is the fact that it’s not always necessary to work harder in order to increase your income. The smarter people in this world earn through their savings. And the best thing about saving this way is that you don’t need to put any extra efforts. It is your same income that can attract even more income for you. So, it becomes important to know the way you can increase your saving so that ultimately your net earnings can increase. Below are some ways by which you can boost your savings.

  1. Control your lust for shopping. There are many times people just buy things that are no use just by getting into the marketing traps of various brands. Although this gives a good feeling at that instant, it is harmful to your pocket in the long run. Some people even get addicted to this short-term feeling and it becomes the reason for their insufficiency of money at the end of the month.
  2. Put a limit on your expenses. This is a hard to follow practice but is very effective in long run. You can decide a pre-defined amount from your salary that you will definitely save every month no matter what happens. This can be done by putting that money into various schemes that will give increased output after a certain time. Recurring deposits and various insurance policies offer such schemes.
  3. Either use your credit card very less or don’t use it at all. A credit card is something that gives you money when you don’t have it. This way you always get a feeling that you have enough money to spend. This false feeling is very dangerous for your pocket and you always end up spending more than you should.