Trump rips Pakistan in his first tweet of 2018


Washington: The first tweet made by Donald Trump on the first day of New Year, made clear its policies and views against Pakistan Government. He declared on Twitter that former US presidents have been foolishly aiding millions of dollars to Pakistan Government operating in Islamabad that in return gave “safe haven to the terrorist groups” in Afghanistan. He further blasted on Pakistani government saying, “the leaders have given us nothing but lies and deceit.”

He accused them of harboring terrorists by making fool of US government. A few days earlier, Trump launched his recent security strategy against terrorist groups in different parts of the world. While announcing his national security policy he said,” We make massive payments every year to Pakistan which their government uses to expand terrorist networks in Middle East Asia.”

In response to the Tweet of Donald Trump, Pakistan’s defense ministry fired back in a Tweet that said that Pakistan received nothing but invective and mistrust from the US. The tweet stated,” Pakistan as an anti-terror ally has given and & air communication, military bases & Intel cooperation completely free to the US to rupture the withhold of Al-Qaeda over last 16 years. They overlook and believe us to provide safe havens to people living cross borders that murder Pakistanis.”

US security government has always been in doubt and suspected the moves of ISI Intelligence agency of Pakistan. The reason behind the suspicion is that the famous terrorist Osama Bin Laden hid in the Pakistan town of Attobad until United States Navy SEALS killed him 2011. The recent reports suggest that Pakistan is currently hiding Dr. Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA pinpoint Bin Laden ahead of the raid.

Well, Pakistan’s actions in the Middle East have made the world less safe for a long time and must be dealt with. No doubt, Trump has taken a deliberate move, yet some people believe that by this statement, he is being disrespectful to over 100k Pakistanis who have lost their lives in the ‘war on terror.’