Yup you heard it right my friends today we are sharing about some haunted places!!!

Beautiful holiday destinations with pristine beauty and serene refreshment have always been a craze for the travelaholics. But there are some people ofcourse like me who can even love to encounter something creepy even in their holidays.

Yes of course not I have not come up with any enchanting holiday destination instead I have this time going to introduce you to some haunted places of India.

They are reported to be haunted and are prohibited from visiting after evening. Let’s check out some of these destinations.

Delhi – Delhi Cantt

You can definitely understand if the capital of our country is haunted what will happen to the other locations. Yes there is a renowned haunted location in Delhi known as Delhi cantt covered with green lush, beautiful plants and trees. But the beauty of this place is darkened by a spirit that is reported to roam in white saree. She asks for lift and if the driver doesn’t stops she starts running with the same speed of the car and is seen to reach ahead of the car. Asking for lift from the lonely passer-by makes people claim that possibly she must have been the spirit of a hitchhiker.

Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

This historic fort located in Pune is haunted and is reported to exhibit some sort devastating paranormal activities which is at its peak during full moon days.

According to reports local people claim that the fort is possessed of spirit of a prince who was viciously assassinated at the age of 13 year by his relative. Loud screaming can be heard from this fort during the midnights.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Beaches have always been peaceful and refreshing as far as we know. But believe it or not there is a beach pout there in Gujarat that will snatch away your sleep of night.

As we know beaches is also a location to bun and organise the funeral of the dead people so as this place was used for purpose. And know what this place has been reported to exhibit paranormal activities including sounds of strange whispers. People feel quite depressed in this beach instead of feeling refreshed. Reports says that the beach is cursed with spirits of dead people. Even some visitors have also disappeared while taking midnight walks near the beach.

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan

This is a 178-year-old Palace built by princely family of Kota is possessed by the spirit of Major Burton was slaughtered along with his two sons in the central hall of the palace by Indian sepoys during the 1857 Rebellion during his tenure of serving as the British resident to Kota. But reports says that the spirit is not harmful but is reported to slap the guards who sleep at night during their duty hours.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is al famous for its forts. But this fort established in 1613 by King Madho Singh, son of great Mughal general, Man Singh of Amber is a haunted fort of rajasthan. It was cursed by a magician but Ajab Singh grandson of Madho Singh in his ignorance took the palace to such a height that the shadow reached the forbidden place and consequently the desolation of the entire town prevailed. Whenever houses are built in this area the roofs are reported to collapse.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has put up a sign board stating “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area” as those who visited the fort after dark.