JKS Khera is a businessman, a motivational speaker and a filmmaker.

JKS Khera is a well-known businessman of Ludhiana, a motivational speaker and an award-winning filmmaker. He and his team make short films for various film festivals, but that’s not how it has been from the very beginning.

Belonging to a business class family and being the only son, his parents always looked him upon as the one who will join the family business and take it forward from thereon. Soon after completing his engineering, he joined his family business at the age of 21.

Mr. Khera joined his family business at the age of 21.
Mr. Khera joined his family business at the age of 21.

Since filmmaker Mr. Khera was a teenager, he had a passion for movies and anything that involved a lot of creativity. He always had this urge to learn what goes behind the cameras. But because he was destined to be a businessman, his dream went unheard, unattended and unattained.

So once he had his feet firmly established in the world of business, he knew it was time to chase his long forgotten dream. He knew he had to do something to follow his passion for filmmaking.

Filmmaker Mr Khera’s journey was not and has not been as easy as it may sound. He had to overcome a lot of hurdles; but his first step was the toughest.

Mr. Khera and his team make short films for various film festivals.
Mr. Khera and his team make short films for various film festivals.

When he decided to step into the field of filmmaking he faced a lot of backlash from his parents, friends and relatives. They used to ask him, “Why you? Why you? When there are masters to do the same job? When there are brilliant filmmakers who are already very successful, then why you?”

And his response to their “Why” was simple, “Because the wolf at the top of the hill is not as hungry as the one climbing the hill.” But he didn’t tell them one very important thing – he was not a wolf, he is not a wolf, he’s a lion – a really hungry one.

Mr Khera says he feels that we should all do something to create a change in our society, and that is why he does what he does. He wishes to make inspirational movies that help create awareness, discuss different problems and reach conclusions on topics that are not usually discussed in the mainstream media.

It was only because he followed his passion, that he got rewarded sooner than later.

As Creative Head, his short film ‘Rupees of God’ won critics award for best film at the PCGH film festival in February, 2016. The award ceremony was attended by various well-known names of Punjabi film industry including BN Sharma and Harish Verma with Bollywood veteran actor Ranjeet being the chief guest.

Their latest movie ‘Mannan’, which is a short film based on Sikhism held its television premier on Fateh TV. The movie has already received more than 60,000 views on YouTube and has had special screenings for school children in various Gurudwaras of Canada, Australia, UK and USA. His work as Creative Head has been really appreciated by the audience.

Some of Mr Khera’s accomplishments are as follows –

  1. Best Film (Critics) Award at the Second Punjabi Cinema Golden Honours.
  1. Judge at Ludhiana and Chandigarh auditions of Mrs. Punjab, 2016.
  1. Motivational and interactive session with finalists of Mrs. Punjab 2016, amidst presence of Bollywood actors Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal.
  1. Special guest at the finale of Mrs. Punjab amidst presence of Punjabi singer Ninja, Bollywood and television veteran actor Kunika Sadanand and Bollywood producer Manoj Sharma.
  1. Judge at the finale of ‘Niyane of Punjab’ – A talent hunt and fashion contest for kids.

Apart from these achievements, two more of his films are lined up for their release in 2017.