People say entrepreneurship isn’t a cup of tea and, hence, people should evaluate multiple times before taking the decision of starting up something on their own. However, fortunately, and unfortunately, the warm-blooded and energetic youth of today are courageous enough to take the risk. Today, we are here to share the story of one such young entrepreneur, Shreya Dutta, the Founder and Creative Head of StarWords India.

Shreya Dutta is a 21-year old from Kolkata who took to writing at a very young age. Writing is her passion and there isn’t a day she doesn’t write. She started her professional writing career in 2014 as a blogger and a freelance content writer. Though she was still in school, the exposure that she received and the praise that her work brought her, kept her moving. At that time, as she was afraid of taking off the mask, “Yashika” served as her pseudonym. By the time she realized that she was capable of doing much better than this, ghostwriting was all around her and she was hoping to cut the ropes. However, unable to find a suitable platform, she decided to create one on her own. And, that is when StarWords India was born.

Over the years, ghostwriting had become a formidable part of our writing career and the praise that we received for our work was enough to keep us running. However, as time flew, we realized that we should not sell off our talent; instead, now, we want to inspire the world by penning down our thoughts.

With the motive to build the largest network of freelance content writers and to give them the recognition that they deserve, StarWords India is a venture of its own kind that is ready to rule the world with a string of words beautifully woven into a unique piece. A

We are, therefore, a company solely run by hardworking freelancers from different parts of India. We provide writing services ranging from content writing, creative writing, web content writing, technical content writing, press releases, brochures, newsletters, blogging, proofreading to editing. We also help fresh talent show off their creativity and get published free of cost. In 6 months against all odds, from 0 to a 6-figure venture has been our greatest support especially as the company is bootstrapped.

Apart from catering to the clients, we also run our own blog. The content of our own blog is stretched across various genres and gives the budding writers an opportunity to voice their opinion. In just 2 months, the blog has received a marvelous response both in India and abroad.

At present, StarWords India has 25 hardworking writers striving to take the startup forward under the guidance of Shreya. When it comes to promoting their firm, they let word of mouth wave the magic in the air.  They believe that instead of investing in marketing, they should leave a lingering impact in the lives of their clients. This way, they always help their clients’ businesses grow and, in turn, take a step towards becoming one of the best content writing firms to work with.